Whitefish Bay

Words and Music by Dan Rutledge

Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot

Hear 'Whitefish Bay'

Verse 1
Where she goes I will follow. When she rests I will stay.
When she runs, I'll run with her. When she reels, we will play.
When she dips I will catch her. When she rolls I will pray.
Come about and I will watch her, sail past at the end of day.

Chorus 1
Two more days of open water.
Chart my course for Whitefish Bay,
Seek the hand of his daughter,
Then I'll stow my sails away.

A-weigh, hey, weigh, sail away.

Verse 2
With the sun on our faces, and the wind at our back,
And the devil far behind us. Never thinking to look back.
Diamond sequin velvet night sky. Guided by the northern light.
Moonbeam streaming 'cross the water, we'll be tacking home tonight.

Chorus 2
Two more hours of open water.
Header set on Whitefish Bay,
She will wear the band I brought her.
We will up and sail away.

Verse 3
But the devil came and got her. Found my true love lying dead.
Stolen from the ring and altar, on the morning we would wed.
Drank my heart into a bottle. Threw it empty on the sea.
Like the bottle on the water, I'll be drifting endlessly.

Chorus 3
Heading out for open water.
Any course from Whitefish Bay,
Threw the ring into the water.
Now I want to get away.

A-weigh, hey, weigh, sail away.

Verse 4
Now my sea is in the city. Sold my ship and my guitar.
And my love is in the bottle. Do my courtin' at the bar.

Ooh, hoo, hoo.

Whitefish Bay: Words and music © 1998-1999 Dan Rutledge, London Ontario Canada
Digital photo journal by Marianne. Web Presentation by Dan.

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