Memorial Prayer
and For the Church

Setting and Music by Dan Rutledge

Eucharistic Prayer For Mass Of Reconciliation 1

Hear 'Memorial Prayer and For the Church'


Then, with hands extended, the priest says:

We do this in memory of Jesus Christ,
our Passover and our lasting peace.

We celebrate his death and resurrection
and look for the coming of that day
when he will return to give us the fullness of joy.

Therefore we offer you, God ever faithful and true,
the sacrifice which restores man to your friendship.

Father, look with love on those you have called
to share in the one sacrifice of Christ.
By the power of your Holy Spirit
make them one body, healed of all division.


Keep us all in communion of mind and heart
with N., our Pope and N., our bishop.
Help us to work together
for the coming of the Virgin Mary and the apostles,
and of our departed brothers and sisters
whom we commend to your mercy.

Then, freed from every shadow of death,
we shall take our place in the new creation
and give you thanks with Christ,
our risen Lord.

Memorial Prayer and For the Church: Setting and music 2000 Dan Rutledge, London Ontario Canada
Words: I.C.E.L., Washington DC USA - Used with permission.
Music: Based on Dan Rutledge Song Book 3, 'Gathered' 2000 Dan Rutledge, London Canada

Digital photo journal by Marianne. Web Presentation by Dan.

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