Praise to the Father

Setting and Music by Dan Rutledge

Eucharistic Prayer For Mass Of Reconciliation 1

Hear 'Praise to the Father'


The priest, with hands extended, says:

Father, from the beginning of time
you have always done what is good for man
so that we may be holy as you are holy.


He joins his hands and,
holding them outstretched over the offerings, says:

Look with kindness on your people gathered here before you:
send forth the power of your Spirit so that these gifts may become for us

He joins his hands and,
making the sign of the cross once over both bread and chalice, says:

the body and blood of your beloved Son, Jesus the Christ,
in whom we have become your sons and daughters.


With hands joined, he continues:

When we were lost and could not find the way to you,
you loved us more than ever:
Jesus, your Son, innocent and without sin,
gave himself into our hands and was nailed to a cross.
Yet before he stretched out his arms between heaven and earth
in the everlasting sign of your covenant,
he desired to celebrate the Paschal feast
in the company of his disciples.

Praise to the Father: Setting and music 2000 Dan Rutledge, London Ontario Canada
Words: I.C.E.L., Washington DC USA - Used with permission.
Music: Based on Dan Rutledge Song Book 3, 'Gathered' 2000 Dan Rutledge, London Canada

Digital photo journal by Marianne. Web Presentation by Dan.

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